Sounds much better using the Soundbank through X-Fi but its just too quiet and I cant seem to boost it enough for me not to be able to hear the stick hits on the pads! I mean, i hit it once and it plays the sample three times. I can only practice mostly at nights. Thanks to DJ Yoshiman for suggestions: I think this cable has a normal midi and a game port style ends.

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I am at a loss. Many MIDI programs show a meter that will help you. Good page, good info, good work.

Comment by despaniard — October 11, Now it works almost as a real hit-hat: Personally, I find the bass pedal to be a bit twitchy, sometimes producing a double hit. You mentioned ASIO which reduces, even makes delay disappear.

Anyhow, I got the drums to led05 in Cakewalk.

Comment by Joe — April 9, 3: Comment by The Walster — April 15, 2: I reduces the delay between hitting the pad and the sound coming out of your pc latency to nothing. I have it recognising the installed progs in this article. So, how can I isd05 the midi notes longer?


Having played around with this configuration for some hours now, I have found a couple of things that may or may not be of use to know. RSS feed for comments on this post.

Comment by Henry Rody oin March 14, My email is saraguato A gmail. Restart the program and let the Wave Profiler Test your hardware.

What am I missing? So, on to the details… The Details!

» Using the ION iED05 USB Drum Kit with MIDI capable software

Thanks Chris Comment by Chris — June 1, 3: Recently purchased the IED05 kit minus the software which I really was not interested in anyway. I suppose the software CD that comes with the drum kit is broken.

I have no idea why it doesnt work for me, since you mentioned a regular soundcard is enough to get sounds with no delay. Cheers Comment by Jay — March 8, 8: Your mileage may vary. I love this uab — I find it really fascinating so well done for getting this far.


Connections – Ion IED05 Quick Start Manual [Page 2]

Now my problem is the latency issue. En este escenario, conecte la salida A a la. Comment by david miller — March 12, 9: Comment by mak — October 15, 9: The default in my script maps to Maple Midi In Port 2. This doesnt occur to me.

Comment by mak — October 12, I hope this helps someone out there.